Perfect Place For Poly Play - 2018

The Perfect Place For Poly Play, also known as the Four Peas, is PolyParadise's private retreat for adult-centered activities.

PolyParadise is an Intentional Community and attracts a wide range of people who share or desire participation in non-monogamous relationships.
A part of being in such relationships involves expressing intimacy with other participants. Four Peas is the space provided in camp where such activities are natural and acceptable.

Why have space like Four Peas at all? Why can't people just use their tents for such activities?
PolyParadise is a relationship-building village and much of village life is a shared experience. We build camp as a group, we make and eat meals as a group, we share our hopes and fears in seminars and discussion groups, and we even wash together as a group! It's a natural progression to share intimacy in the same way too. Not all people make use of all of these activities while staying at PolyParadise, but it is our hope people will make use of these tools to further their Poly perspective, meet and be involved with new people and share their Poly experiences.
Four Peas uses the interior of an enclosed 25' geodesic dome, nicely equipped with beds and bedding, indirect lighting and really cool wall and ceiling decorations. The cover is wind and dust proof and has a zippered entrance.  
The Dome is available for use 24/7 for the duration of the event by all members of PolyParadise and their invited guests. The space is not public nor open to the public. The sole exception is invited guests.
From time to time the Dome will be used for organized events that are Poly in nature and open to all Village members. Because these events may not be overtly intimate in nature, we ask regular, intimate use be temporarily suspended.
The Dome is open to all camp members and all activities between consenting adults is permitted. No gender bias or exclusive use is allowed. Everyone has a right to be playing in Four Peas, be it one person or a dozen. As we have no rules against consenting adult's play style, enter Four peas knowing activities outside your personal boundaries might be occurring. Keep an open mind!
Please respect and honor people playing inside the Dome. Often people invite others to join an activity and sometimes not. You must ask first! This is a rule! If the answer is "no" then take refusal with grace and style. If problems arise, contact Tailfeather, Scotto or other camp elder. 
Please keep the Dome neat and clean up after use. Trash receptacles and used sheet containers are provided near the table with safer sex supplies. If bringing shared supplies then just leave on the table; If they are for your personal use, clearly label items with your name. The Dome is not a crash pad! Falling asleep after an activity is fine, but find another place to set up living quarters! The Dome is a no smoking zone. Please smoke outside.