Camper Bios - 2017


2Crispy2Crispy (Jay)

Here we go - year 4 in a row at PPV for me. You can read some prior history about me on my 2014/2015 bio. This year's PPV Bar will be the Mona Lisa Lounge - come find out what really made her smile.  Last year I had a major personal transformation on the Playa -

I switched from hopping with the bunnies to running with the carrots in the billion bunny March.  Most exciting for 2016 is that my son Mike & daughter-in-law Dani (aka "Dilly") are joining us on the Playa for the first time! We are also attending Lakes of Fire regional burn in June.

 I'm also glad to be attending the PPV work party at Scotto & Wild Child's casa for the second year in a row. I truly enjoy the new and diverse group of creative, caring and fun friends I have met through the burning man culture.  OK - enough about me - let's talk about you. What do you think of me? See you soon in the dust! )*(   (And for the Pink Ride too?)