Camping With PolyParadise

We are a group of Polyamorists seeking to live our dreams, and this camp is one manifestation of that. Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners.

That quote is the Intro to our Yahoo Group as well as our web site. We all come to BM and PolyParadise from our own communities and our own households. Each with a different set of rules or understandings / agreements between the different people and groups of people who accompanied us to BM.

Burning Man is a society where customs are quite different than the default world. But this does not mean that it is a 'free for all'. The personal limits of others can easily be pushed or disregarded.

Please do not make any assumptions that because a person of either gender is naked that they want 'Touch', in our camp as well as your ventures on the Playa. As Poly's we 'Process' in our own ways...Touching without asking or without having prior permission to do so is unacceptable in PolyParadise.

The Human Carcass Wash - If you have never been a participant in the HCW, you are in for a treat, both participating & helping run it.

The HCW breaks gender barriers for being touched, it of course by its nature of being washed means it also 'Requires' people to be naked and to be washed. People who would not otherwise be naked, or want to be photographed doing such an activity.

With the HCW we have a VERY important role to play as PP campers. I highly encourage everyone to get involved in this fun activity. The HCW area is a 'No Camera Zone'. I have 2 signs that are highly visible as well as the LARGE YELLOW sign donated by Stagger.

When dealing with someone who is taking pictures politely ask them to respect our 'No Camera' Request. If they become belligerent, please do not provoke them. People are going to be people. We need to be vigilant about providing a safe No Camera Zone area for our Playa Guests, but using violence or the threat of violence will get us now where.

Another essential part of the smooth running of the HCW is that those running the activity must make sure that all participants 'Must' be asked their boundaries for being touched prior to being the one washed. We must make sure that all other participants have heard that stated boundary, or the question is asked again at the next station.

If a HCW participant breaks this stated boundary, that person should be pulled aside and dealt with in a civil manner and tone. If you feel you cannot defuse the situation yourself bring this issue to the attention of Touch aka Greg or Scotto...

For Those That Choose To Be Naked - If you have a 'Bare Bottom' I ask you to have a towel or some covering for the chair you will plop your bare bottom on....THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Leave No Trace - Czar de Garbage'. There will be clearly marked areas for Burnable, Recyclable and Wet 'Community Trash'. Please use them!!!

Coolers & Ice on the Playa - There will be a section in the Kitchen area where Community Coolers will be stored. If you put a cooler in this area and it is not for 'Public' consumption please label as such. All coolers in this Community area will be drained, repacked and iced each day starting Monday. The drained cooler water will be captured & used for dishwashing.

Starting on Monday there will be a Community Ice Run when CAMPARCTICA opens. The first portion of the ice purchased will go to refilling the Community Coolers, there will also be an unknown number of Bags of ice left over. They will be available on a first come first serve basis.

PolyParadise Showers - All Hail Tailfeather & Twist!!! They have provided us with a shower....

Kitchen & Community Meals - The Kitchen and all its contents (Except marked coolers) will be available for all PP campers to use and consume. Please be respectful in cleaning up after yourself after using the Kitchen. Wash any and all utensils, pots, spills in a reasonable amount of time after you have prepared any food. Within 6 hours is an acceptable time frame...

There will be a Dish Washing & Rinsing Station available...Please use it!!!

If you have volunteered to host a Community Meal or will be providing side dishes, Breakfast & Lunch should be at appropriate times consistent with that meal. Dinner bell is rung at 6p, please plan your cooking & preparation time accordingly. Please be respectful of the Poly High Tea or other discussions while in the Kitchen/Community area while preparing your meal.

There will be Pots & Pans, Stoves, Utensils, Propane, Spices and just about everything else you need to make an awesome Playa Meal.

Camp Layout - When you arrive on the Playa make sure to see Scotto for proper placement within our space 'BEFORE' you unpack anything. Failure to do so may have you moving stuff you believe is already in its place.

As things will inevitably change On-Playa...Our scattered arrival times creates a LARGE puzzle to piece together as the week progresses within our own camp. The size of your allotted space within the camp will always be adjusted to maximize for the greater good.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few...or the One"

No matter how much room we may have It is VERY important how you place your Guide wires, Stakes, Ropes or what have you. Do NOT make it an obstacle course to navigate for yourself or others traversing through the camp. ALL rebar must be 'Caned' or covered with a Tennis Ball or Plastic Bottle to prevent injuries...Guide wires must be marked for night visibility.

Polywomb as 4 Peas (Perfect Place for Poly Play) - The Poly Play Space - 4 Peas (Perfect Place for Poly Play) had a rough time over the years...For 2014 we will again have a 28ft Dome graciously donated to us by Tailfeather. All Hail Tailfeather!

The Dome will have mood lights and Febreeze!!! We will need tarps, blankets, pillows, comforters, and whatever else you may want for it is YOUR Play Space.

Camp Guests - You will be responsible for any and all actions of ANY guest that you bring into our Camp.