We all know that Burning Man, making the Trek to the Playa - Running The Village of PolyParadise costs money.

Costs for Camping within the Village of PolyParadise in 2018 will be $175/person

What Is NOT Provided For You...

  • We DO NOT Provide Power aka ELECTRONS for individual campers or RV's - You will need to provide your own power for your camp RV or CPAP or other medical needs. We do provide a 'Charging Station' area for Laptops, Cameras, Phones...etc.

What Is Provided For You...

  • Secured Playa Address & space within The Village of PolyParadise
  • Community Kitchen - Kitchen utensils for cooking - Pots, Pans, Fry Pans, Bowls, Knives, and orange zesters - Soap to WASH the utensils Washing station to use the SOAP
  • Cooking stoves - Propane to run those stoves
  • Salt, Pepper, and every spice you would need to create your Playa delicacy
  • Paper towels, Paper plates, Plastic Cutlery, Trash receptacles
  • Bags, and other consumables for those who don't bring their own.
  • Tea and Cookies for Poly High Tea.
  • Blender, 100-Cup Coffee Pot & Coffee
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Snacks (~3 per day for 7 days) Packaging for Cold Snacks Refrigeration - Pre-event - for the cold snacks
  • ICE - Daily - to keep the cold snacks cold
  • Electricity (to recharge laptops, camera batteries)
  • Gas to generate the electricity
  • Community Shade 60'x40'
  • Community Kitchen 40'x40'
  • Community Events area - 40'x40'
  • Carcass Wash Event Space - 40'x60'
  • Poly Play Space
  • Shower Structure / Privacy Curtain - You supply the water
  • Grey Water Recycling - Provided by MasterTwist & United Site Services
  • Spray bottles, cement bins, tarps, and buckets for the HCW Cloth to surround the main shade structure.
  • Rope, Duct Tape, First Aid Kit & other things to repair things that need repairing
  • Rental Truck  - Gas to & from Playa - Insurance - to haul ALL of the above
  • Camp Playa Events

PolyParadise will have a First Aid Kit in the Community area of Camp. These items can be used by anyone, please feel free to do so...

This Kit will include:

Antacid Saline - Eye Saline - Nose Vinegar
Benedryl Gauze Bandages Band-Aids Alovera Gel
Analgesic Lotion Ibuprofen Insect Gel Hydrocortisone
Antibiotic Ointment Zinc Oxide Aspirin Bactine
New Skin Bandage Tape Cough Drops Blister Pads
Vitamin E - Skin Cream Fire Extinguisher Duct Tape  


What Other Camp Contributions Do I Still Need To Bring?

  • 5 Gallons of Water/ Vehicle - Running of the Human Carcass Wash / Community Drinking water. 

  • Take At Least Two (2) Bags of Community Garbage Off-Playa
    Be responsible  and dispose of this garbage in appropriate receptacles.

  • Follow the LEAVE NO TRACE rule of BM, and coordinate with other camp members prior to leaving the event and our campsite looking for and picking up MOOP (Matter Out of Place)

  • Participate in Camp Playa Events