Camper Bios - 2017


Where do you call home?
Mesa, AZ

Been to Burning Man before?
2009 through 2016 with Poly Paradise each year.

Why Burning Man?
Why not Burning Man? It's like no place else on Earth. Kennita kept begging me to come, saying I'd love it; she was right. Scotto said as always, "The playa will change you; you just don't know how yet." He was right, too. 

A recurrent theme of Tales from the Playa is that the playa gives you what you need (not necessarily what you want). When I touched Fire of Fires for the first time, the playa gave me what I needed and I truly knew what "Welcome Home" meant.

Burning Man advice:
Arrive with no expectations. Be open to anything. Participate!

Volunteer on the Playa - HCW for PP - Black Rock Ranger