Camper Bios - 2017


Ranger BeethovenRanger Beethoven

My first burn was in 2003. During that year some of my camp mates had heard of something called the "human carcass wash", and wanted to check it out. It was a Thursday, and my mind was about to be totally blown. Even after all the excitement of being a virgin, and all the highs and lows THAT means, this was beyond anything I could have imagined that I would find on the playa. Yet, there it was. That year it was out in the open, there was only one tub, and two very short lines (and music). That was the year I met Touch.

My first burn with PolyParadise was the following year. I needed to be a part of the HCW, I needed to share with others this experience, I needed to support Touch. I've been with PP and the HCW ever since.

In the world, I'm a classical musician. I perform in a symphony orchestra, a conduct a community orchestra, and I teach violin and viola. Two years ago the Playa Pops was formed, and I began to bring my violin to the playa and performing with them too(not really that good for a violin, but...).

The two places I've always felt at home are Black Rock City, and Central America. And I'm going home, again, this year.