Camper Bios - 2017


62 - STR*
Been to Burning Man Before?
Yes.. 2002 thru 2017
(missed 2011)

Why Burning Man?
Because I need it. I need some kind of time AWAY from the default world. Away from bills, cell phones, computers, schedules, responsibilities (except for those I chose), people I see all the time, money, fast food, cars and driving, laundry, getting dressed, and having to worry about what other people think of me.

I need time WITH the Burning Man World. Time with friends, art, music, dancing, biking, laughing, drinking, falling down, dust, crazy people, amazing burns, trash can pizza and turkey. I am ambivalent about the garbage...

I need time with the feeling of security that comes from being who you really are and knowing that the people around you either love your for it... or don't give a shit.

Burner History: (Year) (Status) (Theme) (Very Few Words)
2002 - Newbie - Floating World - HOLY SHIT!!!
2003 - Not a newbie - Beyond Belief - WOW
2004 - Burner - Vault of Heaven - Some good art that year
2005 - Burner - The Psyche - Wow.. LOVED the maze under the Man and the symbolism of the building. Burned great. First year with Hypno - Everyone thought we were GAY !!! (Dammit)
2006 - Experienced Burner - Hope and Fear - Had a BLAST running a complaint booth at Center Camp - Turned a shitty day into a fantastic day. Got some of my photo's used by Comfort and Joy - First time for BRC from space that I know of.
2007 - Experienced Burner - The Green Man - The year the man burned TWICE !!!
2008 - Experienced Burner and Contributing Artist - The American Dream - Got my art project placed UNDER THE MAN !!! What An Honor!!!
2009 - Very Experienced Burner - Evolution - the year the Man Refused to Fall!!!!
2010 - So much Burnier than Thou - Metropolis - Performed my first (and so far only) ON PLAYA Marriage - Loved it. Bliss Dance was awesome
2011 - Woe and Tragedy - My job change kept me away from Burning Man this year - I watched the burn on my PC.
2012 - Glad to be back - Fertility 2.0 - One of the funniest nights ever on the playa. EVER.
2013 - Completely Burnt - Cargo Cult - Another hilarious night on the playa blitzed to the max and laughing. CRAWFISH at 2am. How can you lose!!!!
2014 - Self Immolation - Caravansary - If I don't come back dead then I didn't do it right!!!!!
This year I intend to party harder than ever... as I will soon be crossing the 60 orbit mark and want to grab everything I can while still on this planet!!!