Camper Bios - 2017


WildChild Ginny - WildChild

Where do you call home?

Phoenix, AZ. but I think my real home is Black Rock City.

Been to Burning Man before? When?
(2004 - 2017)

Camped with PolyParadise Before?
(2004 - 2017)

Why Burning Man?
– It is a place without judgment, the ideal community to promote loving and giving. the energy of the place the moment you step thru the greeters gate, come on don't we all want to go to a place where the minute your get there someone hugs you and welcomes you. Watching it grow from just a few people to thousands...and so many of them bring so much of themselves to share with everyone. The myriad of emotions you experience. Walking down the road and having someone offer you some watermelon, or a tostada, or a popsicle, or a pancake, or a drink.

People give for the pure joy of it not expecting anything in return. The Art, the music, the people, the costumes, the imaginations of each individual not competing for a prize of who can be the best...but just expressing from the joy of there souls.

Volunteer on the Playa? –Greeters Station welcoming people home it was amazing!! also helping in camp, and facilitating a few of the Poly High Teas.

PolyParadise Favorite Moments – Scotto, who inspired me to discover burning man. I am poly how can I pick only one Favorite Moment... Guiding listening and participating in poly high tea, all the hugs every day. Scotto's Kamikaze burning man adventure.

Toughest thing: coming home and trying to explain this to anyone who hasn't experience it.

Best thing: when you see another burner and know what that sparkle in their eyes is.

Burning Man Advise: it is what you make make it amazing!