Camper Bios - 2018



Age: 62

Where do you call home?
Tombstone, AZ, the town too tough to die. also Black Rock City...I can get my mail in both places.

Been to Burning Man before?
Yes!! When?
2008 American Dream
2009 Evolution
2010 Metropolis
2011 Rites of Passage
2012 Fertility 2.0
2014 Caravansary
2015 Carnival of Mirrors
2016 Da Vinci’s Playground
2017 Radical Ritual

Camped with?
2008 Camp Incendiary Nation/ Yardz
2009 PolyParadise
2010 Poly Paradise
2011 Poly Paradise
2012 Poly Paradise
2014 Poly Paradise
2015 Poly Paradise
2016 Census side camp for 5 days, and then with Poly Paradise
2017 normal camp with Poly Paradise, but teaming up with Knotch to be Kitchen Bitches! Success…doing it again it was so much fun

Camped with PolyParadise Before?
Yes. This will be our ninth year! This year me and Knotch will be labeled as the Kitchen Biatches….such a fun success from last year, but since we love the kitchen so much, we will make a good team, and make the Kitchen Great! Oh and we have an addition this year..our daughter Laura..her first burn.

Why Burning Man? Wow... where can I start. It started about 20 years ago when I hooked up with Knotch...he had the strong desire to go...and the desire built up and built up and then we finally went in 2008...we have got it! There is no why, or who...or where, or what...words cannot describe it. The why is in the inner soul of the very existence...and now that I have went 9 years, it is a way of life now.

Volunteer on the Playa? I am pretty sure that helping set up Poly Paradise and helping with the tear down constitutes volunteer on the Playa. In 2016 I also volunteered for the Pre-pre event for 5 days with The Census Lab. Now, in 2018, volunteer with the set up, take down, and be Kitchen Bitches again…and this will be Poly Paradise celebration of 20 years in existence…GOING TO BE AN EPIC YEAR 2018!!!!!

PolyParadise Favorite Moments? The People!!!!

Toughest thing: is definitely the bio...but it was tough leaving the playa too.

Best thing: the minute we crank up here in Tombstone, on our way!

Burning Man Advice: Leave expectations and judgments at home! And pick up after yourself at all times!!!! And plant a smile on your face at all times. Smile and nod a lot.