PolyParadise History - 2006

Thursday September 28, 2006

Here is a listing of the 2006 BM/PolyParadise Expenses...

In 2006 we started a staggered dollar amount collection of fees, giving those that paid early got a reduced price and as it got closer to the event the price went up.  This approach is similar to the BMORG model for Burning Man ticket sales.  The fee ranged from
$75 - $95.

Final count for 2006 was 74 Campers and based on the various ticket prices we collected a Total of $6,145.

Including the
$225 from the Generator Fund...and $225 in refunds for those that paid and did not camp with us...That brought the Grand Total to $6,145.

So we have a deficit of $458 going into 2007.  This deviation from our Pre-Playa budget is mainly due to higher Gas Prices during the time of Burning Man and additional costs incurred in stocking the Community Kitchen with essential items: Including 3 New Coolers & Replacement Pots & Pans, which account for $233 and the remaining $225 was the refunds given.. 

Ice continues to be a BIG part of our expenses as it takes a
LOT of ice to keep all the Community Snacks cold all week. (The first priority is the community coolers - average of 15-20 Bags/Day - There may be leftover ice each day that will be given away to those who want it - Scotto will gladly take $2/bag for ice DESIGNATED FOR YOU)

I hope that everyone thought they got their monies worth in available snacks & kitchen resources....

We calculated for 3 snacks per person per day and we left the Playa with NOT very much after many of you took some for the ride home.

Since Burning Man & PolyParadise are a
year-round sport here in Phoenix, projected costs for the Playa 2007 have been calculated.

Financially Submitted...
Camp Daddy