PolyParadise History - 2010

Here is a listing of the 2010 BM/PolyParadise Expenses...

In 2010 we established a flat fee of $135/person to cover the costs of running a successful Theme Camp. Our camp finances from 2009 left us with a positive balance of $1,665.

The Final count for 2010 was 168 Paid Campers with a total camp population of 195 - total amount collected of $22,880 + $1,665 from 2009.

We had $1,665 balance from 2009.  When the budget is set around January, many of the costs are estimates of what we might spend.  We do not know some of the additional costs we might incur until March when we have our annual work-party to see what might need to be replaced.  Some of the real costs of items we need to purchase or goods and services we use On-Playa and during the year and not known until we actually have to pay for them.

Over the years we have tried to keep the costs of camping with PolyParadise low enough to cover our costs and to make it affordable to all, we are always glad that we attract additional campers who help cover the additional costs that creep into the total monies we spend each year so that I personally am not going into debt making up any differences between what we actually spend and what we collect.

Our camp continues to grow in numbers of campers and thus needs to grow our infrastructure. Still the bulk of our costs are to be Transportation, Power & Gray Water (Truck, Gas, Generator Gas, Stoves, Propane, Gray Water)  totaling $7,900, It takes a lot of money to run a Theme Camp of our size. 

We ended the year with a positive balance of
$1,356, this money will certainly be used in several additional infrastructure purchases will need to make for Playa 2011.

There were many things we did right this year and many areas where we need improvement.

Over the next several weeks I will be putting together the annual PolyParadise AfterBurn report where we will be looking at issues we encountered and where we might improve.

With the
2011 Theme Rites of Passage...


PolyParadise will again rise from the ashes of the Playa & Scotto & WildChild's garage, it will be better than ever!!! .

Burning Man 2011 is only 336 Days away!!!

Financially Submitted...
- Benevolent Dictator of PolyParadise
- Burning Man Lifer/Geek/Zealot