PolyParadise History - 2007

Sunday September 23, 2007

Here is a listing of the 2007 BM/PolyParadise Expenses...

2007 we established a flat fee of $100/person to cover the costs of running a successful Theme Camp.

Final count for 2007 was 94 Campers with a total amount collected of $9400.

Our camp finances from
2006 left us with a deficient of $458.  That brought the Grand Total to $8,942.

So we have a balance of $296 going into 2008.  Our original budget was based on 75 people.  The additional 19 campers representing $1900 was an amazing gift as we would have been quite in the hole this year.

Ice continues to be a BIG part of our expenses as it takes a
LOT of ice to keep all the Community Snacks cold all week. The costs of ice On-Playa was raised to $3/Bag which represented a $175 increase in Ice Costs over 2006.

Rental Truck costs increased $500 due to higher per mileage chargesWe invested heavily in Cammo Netting to cover the shade structures.  This investment was well worth the expense as the Cammo nets have & will hold up much better year-to-year then the 'White Tyvek' or other Fabric has held up to previous Playa Winds & Storms.

We also invested in our Kitchen infrastructure with new Metal Racks to replace the Purple Box of yesteryear, this worked out truly amazing.

I hope that everyone thought they got their monies worth in available snacks & kitchen resources....

We calculated for 3 snacks per person per day and we left the Playa with NOT very much after many of you took some for the ride home.

The costs for snacks was
$820 out of an almost $9,000 budget. It just costs a lot of money to run a Theme Camp. The bulk of the money continues to be spent on infrastructure purchases and the cost of the Rental Truck & Gas. 

As our population increases towards 100 campers, the infrastructure must be there to accommodate them. 

Looking ahead into '08, we need a much better system for grey water & shower.  We need to reduce the amount of trash we generate, maybe by trucking in water and not requiring folks to donate water.  All of these things cost money....

2008 Budget projections are currently being calculated. 

Camping Fees for PolyParadise - 2008 will be at least $100/person and may go higher if deemed necessary. 

Financially Submitted...
Camp Daddy