PolyParadise History - 2008

Sunday September 21, 2008

Here is a listing of the
2008 BM/PolyParadise Expenses...

2008 we established a flat fee of $100/person to cover the costs of running a successful Theme Camp. The Final count for 2008 was 108 Campers with a total amount collected of $11,000. Our camp finances from 2007 left us with a surplus of $296.  That brought the Grand Total to $11,296. 

We have an even balance sheet for 2008.  It was the original intention to limit our camp numbers to 100.  As our budget was set in January and the price of gas continued to rise, I knew we would be short on monies.  I made the decision to add an additional 8 people to camp. 

I hope that everyone thought they got their monies worth in available snacks & kitchen resources....The bulk of our costs continue to be Transportation & Power (Truck, Gas, Generator Gas, Propane)  totaling
$4575. Add in the $1950 costs of the Gray Water Holding Tank, that equates to almost 58% of our total budget.

There are many issues we need to address as a camp, our infrastructure as well as the size of the plot of land on Playa that we are bestowed. Looking ahead into '09, we will have additional infrastructure purchases as we must separate out the Community area from the Events space. 

The 2
009 Budget will start to be calculated over the next several months, look for it to be announced some time in February.

There were many things we did right this year and many areas where we need improvement.

Over the next several weeks the annual PolyParadise AfterBurn report will be published looking at these issues and where we might improve.

With the
2009 Theme Evolution...


PolyParadise will be evolving...I am not sure how yet, but it will evolve.

There are ideas afoot but no plans, we shall see how and where we evolve.

Burning Man 2009 is only 343 Days away!!!

Financially Submitted...
- Benevolent Dictator of PolyParadise
- Burning Man Lifer