PolyParadise History - 2009

Here is a listing of the 2009 BM/PolyParadise Expenses...

2009 we established a flat fee of $135/person to cover the costs of running a successful Theme Camp.

Our camp finances from
2008 left us an even Balance Sheet

Final count for 2009 was 140 Paid Campers with a total camp population of 175 - total amount collected of $19,075.

We had an even balance sheet from
2008.  There were lots of infrastructure replacement, upkeep & maintenance costs this year.  As our camp continues to grow so does the cost of maintaining the items we depend on most. The bulk of our costs continue to be Transportation & Power (Truck, Gas, Generator Gas, Propane)  totaling $5,050. Add in the $2400 costs of the Gray Water Holding Tank, that equates to almost 42% of our total budget. 

We ended the year with a positive balance of
$1,665, this money will certainly be used in several additional infrastructure purchases will need to make for Playa 2010.

There were many things we did right this year and many areas where we need improvement.

Over the next several weeks the annual PolyParadise AfterBurn report will be published looking at these issues and where we might improve.

With the
2010 Theme Metropolis...


PolyParadise will again rise from the ashes of the Playa & Scotto & WildChild's garage, it will be better than ever!!! .

Burning Man 2010 is only 313 Days away!!!

Financially Submitted...
- Benevolent Dictator of PolyParadise
- Burning Man Lifer