PolyParadise - 2017 - Wrap-up

Saturday December 30, 2017

Can you believe another year in BRC has come & gone? PolyParadise 2017 was absolutely incredible and our best effort yet at creating this amazing On-Playa home we call The Village of PolyParadise, Each year there are many challenges and together we find a way to make things right, together we build an amazing space within the gates of BRC, a place to really call home in the desert.

Each year as Benevolent Dictator, I learn more and more about why I love all things Burning Man, why I love all things PolyParadise.

Of course there is an amazing personal journey for me, but it is the journey I watch in others, their self-discovery, their triumphs as well as low points, watching people grow and blossom.

This section of the Year in Review; The Wrap-up is my way of thanking all of the amazing people that assist us in creating PolyParadise, not only On-Playa but all year-round here in Phoenix. I am taken aback by those that give even when they are not PolyParadise campers or give to the community even if the Playa is not in their travel plans.

Here-in are my THANK YOU's for Burning Man 2017...This list in not an all-inclusive list and if I left someone or something out it is not because I was unaware of your contribution it is just a minor oversight and is in no particular order. EACH ONE OF YOU HAD A PART AND A HAND IN MAKING US THE SUCCESS WE WERE!!

The first Thank You has always been reserved for my Life Partner, Wife, Friend & companion, WildChild!!! She continues to be an awesome inspiration for all things Burning Man, stands by me in my ever increasing need to volunteer…Thank you my love!!!

BIG BIG Kudos - To our fellow AZBurners who are always available to assist during the year; for Truck Loading & Unpacking; carrying, cleaning, sorting and building PolyParadise year-round here in Phoenix. Special Thanks to (UncleBob, Rich, Poje, Big Phreeky, Alien, Sarge, Kilted James, The Doctor, Cobalt, Armella, Paul, Corvus, Sandman, CactusMan, Raymond, Atira, Cobalt, Rich, Painterboy, Ethan, Justin, Knotch, Shadow, Fancy Nancy, Neefer, Drew, JimyMac, Dr. Dirt, Daniel, Tequila Mike, Tony, Sunshine) Back in the day circa 2006 it was only WildChild & I that represented Arizona in PolyParadise.  It is amazing to have had 35 AZBurners in our camp this year. You are all ACES in my book!!! Thank you all so very much!!!

Thanks to the Truck Packing & Unpacking Crew: (Neefer, UncleBob, Rich, Drew, Fancy Nancy, JimyMac, Dr. Dirt, Stephanie, Daniel, Cactus Man, Alien, Sarge, Kilted James, The Doctor, Corvus, Sandman, Cuny, Sarah, TattleTale, Liz, Gina). It is so much fun to share the excitement of PolyParadise hitting the road with all of you!!! YEAH!!! You guys are GREAT!

Thank you to the 36 International campers from (Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland).

Special thanks to UncleBob & Daniel for coming over Monday morning to assist with packing the 14 coolers and getting them on the truck - I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of work day to come by and help me; cause a one-person job that is not.

Early Arrival - Many, Many thanks to all of our Early Arrival crew. Kudos go out to all of you for your tireless efforts to get the camp erected and all system connected. You guys ROCK!!!

The crew was awesome!!! We rocked the house and had the entire infrastructure up & functional by Sunday morning. I thank you all so much for doing what needed to be done, being out in the Sun & Dust; making PolyParadise happen On-Playa!!!

We set the camp up over several days, but we take it down in just a few hours, it is a massive undertaking that requires lots & lots of hands. You cannot be 'Required' to stay and assist with breakdown, but know that each and every one of you that did help is so very much appreciated. This year’s crew was incredible. Thank you all so much for doing the dirty work and being there to pack away our community for another year.

MANY, MANY thanks go to the most amazing takedown crew we have ever had. There were so many people that stayed and assisted with the huge job of getting things in some order before it heads to the truck. THANK YOU ALL!!! Both WildChild & I appreciate your efforts.

We again stayed until Tuesday morning; this allowed for a more cohesive teardown & truck packing and my sanity. We had a great time with the folks that stayed and many thanks to everyone that did the last of the MOOP WALK. throughout our camp space.

**Leave No Trace****

PolyParadise has always prided itself on its Cleanup & Recycle efforts. The 2017 MOOP Map shows we had YELLOW on the frontage and back side (HCW).  Playa Restoration does not give us any indication as to why our areas were YELLOW; though it does mean we need to be MORE DILIGENT at the smaller things that may be hidden below the surface of the Playa.  Thanks to all that MOOPED all week and to Knotch - Shadow & others that stayed thru Wednesday and being the last off the Playa and for making sure that our LNT efforts would in fact be as GREEN as possible!!

We did have a Friday visit from the Earth Guardians in which they schooled us in two areas. Proper placement of Gas Cans (Not under the Truck to ensure proper ventilation) and our Gray Water area.  It was my mistake in purchasing segmented pool hose for the Shower & Sink connections to the Gray Water Tanks.  The segmented hose pulled apart at said segments and was a MOOP Issue all week.  Will endeavor to purchase 40' one length hose for 2018.  The EG also found that because of the hose leaks we had a significant amount of water under the sink.  To better deal with this in 2018 the entire sink area will be placed on top of tarp and canvas flooring to better capture this water.

                                   We need to strive for
ALL GREEN in 2018!!!
Village of PolyParadise MOOP Map Village of PolyParadise MOOP Map
PolyParadise 2017 MOOP Map PolyParadise 2016 MOOP Map
Village of PolyParadise MOOP Map Village of PolyParadise MOOP Map
PolyParadise 2015 MOOP Map PolyParadise 2014 MOOP Map
MOOP Map 2013 Village of PolyParadise MOOP Map
PolyParadise 2013 MOOP Map PolyParadise 2012 MOOP Map
For 2018 our MOOP MAP Footprint goal is ALL GREEN - we can ALWAYS be more MOOP vigilant. Remember it is MOOP if it is not Playa -that is the definition of Leave No Trace. Overall we did an amazing job - thanks to all that assisted in Never Letting It Hit the Ground!!! Thank you to everybody that stayed for teardown and beyond...You guys ROCK for making those last sweeps through our space and making sure we would be MOOP FREE! Overall we did an amazing job - thanks to all that assisted in Never Letting It Hit the Ground!!! Thank you to everybody that stayed for teardown and beyond...You guys ROCK for making those last sweeps through our space and making sure we would be as MOOP FREE as possible.

Overall we did an amazing job - thanks to all that assisted in Never Letting It Hit the Ground!!! Thank you to everybody that stayed for teardown and beyond...You guys ROCK for making those last sweeps through our space and making sure we would be as MOOP FREE as possible.

We all must collectively THANK Tailfeather and everyone that helped erect the Poly Play Space. Each year the space has evolved and creates an awesome addition to our Community.  Thank you all for creating such an awesome space to let loose, a space to explore sexually. Thank you Tailfeather and his orchestra - to everyone that assisted in the assembling & teardown of the dome.  Please volunteer with Tailfeather as many hands makes light work & then Johnny can play!!!

Our Playa Events - Poly High Tea - Human Carcass Wash - Mind Melt - Poly Friendly Social Mixer, Clothing-optional qi gong, Conscious Breathwork, No Urgency, Yoga Postures for 2, Mindful Hugging, Best sex living with STD's, Yoga for the truly beautiful, Card Magic Human Conection, Awakening Energy Meditation, Distaff Shatner, The week long 9 Energies Tent and of course EVERY NIGHT @ THE TWISTED SWAN!!!

Major Kudos to the organizers _Touch & Crew (HCW), Facilitators & participants of Poly High Tea, BrotherLuv (Mind Melt), Trevor, Keira, Brandi for the Poly Mixer, JanTed for the  No Urgency & Best sex living with STD's, JustJack for Card Magic making connections Just Jack & Donald for Yoga Postures for 2, Donald for Mindful Hugging, NoGoodnick for the qi dong & Distaff Shatner. You all are aces in my book!!! Thanks to everyone who assisted in each and every event. The events are as much for us as a camp as well as sharing with the Playa Citizenry.

Thanks to everyone who assisted in each and every event. The events are as much for us as a camp as well as sharing with the Playa Citizenry.

The Carcass Wash...Many thanks go to Touch AND EVERY CAMPER that assisted each day heading up the Human Carcass Wash. A HUGE THANKS to everyone else who helped with Setup & Cleanup and to those that ran the event each day.

Many Many thanks & Kudos to Twist for his ingenuity several years ago in creating the pumps/basins for collecting the drain water from the sink & shower and sending it to the Gray Water Tank, you rock Twist!!! - Thanks to 2Cripsy for putting together two new basin/pumps @ the work-party.  Twist also created the portable 2,500W Battery System worked AMAZING!! Over the summer Twist worked with Rich (THANKS RICH) on the system and made some adjustments which would facilitate larger voltage loads for the multiple kitchen aids (Rice Cookers, Coffee Pot, Deep Fryers) we employ.  This system in conjunction with the  Honda EU 7000 we rented we were able to provide a way for us to have continual power to the Shower & Sink pumps and critical lights within the Kitchen & Community space when the Generator was off or had run out of gas.  All Hail Master-Twist & Rich!!!!! Your Master Skills as a Rocket Scientist have no gone unnoticed.

Thanks to all those that provided meals for the Early Arrival Crew Meal Plan. It was awesome to have food available to us after a hard days work ERECTING PolyParadise.

Thanks & KUDOS to Knotch & Shadow for all things Kitchen; in 2017.  You guys ROCKED!!!  I am so glad that you have enthusiasm to take on the Kitchen BIATCH duties again in 2018!  The Community Kitchen was an awesome success! Thanks so much to all of their helpers that maintained the kitchen all week long.

Thanks to the Boyz from Illionoiz with the help of Honest John & Mistress Barney the most AMAZING & INCREDIBLE Community meal ala Chicago Style!!! 

MAJOR MAJOR KUDOS & THANKS TO 2Crispy, Plan B & Crew for the AMAZING BAR. What an awesome place to hang out right outside the community space and fill up your cup with the days drink concoction! Thanks to all of you for seeing the value of community!! The incredible setup you had with the musical way to create drinks - CLASSIC!!! Look forward to seeing what you come up with for next year!!

Thanks to Brotherluv for bringing the Clown Art Car and providing rides across the Playa and as well for your few nights doing the Mind-Melt event.

Major KUDOS to Sara Vaughn for taking on a huge cooking responsibility. Every time I said I could use the Salmon or Tri-Tip or BACON cooked you were right there and did it with a smile.  I also appreciate that you made sure that WildChild & I got some of the first batch off the grill - Its good to be the king!

Special thanks to all the Playa Virgins that decided to make PolyParadise their First Home on the Playa. I hope your experience was awesome and that Burning Man, The Playa, BRC and the rest of us instilled in you a LOVE for the week leading up to Labor Day that your excitement will have you camping again with us next year. Each of you gave & gave & gave of your time & effort and we all Thank You...

Thanks to everyone who provided & prepared food for Community Meals, Washing Dishes, all who helped out when it was needed, for taking garbage home with you, for knowing what building community & sharing community is all about.

Thanks to Rich for taking on the several projects I asked of you, and many that I did not even have to say.  There were several other things during the week that you both just went over and above the call of service, you did so because you saw it needed to be done and for that I am forever in your gratitude.

Many Many thanks to STAGGER for again heading up all things Garbage Czar for stepping up and taking on the role of TRASH!

Thanks to Rich, Cobalt, Twist, Liz, Paul and others that assisted with the Shower Base 2.0.  We removed the old linoleum flooring & sealant - and laid in a new solid floor and then painted with epoxy paint.  This worked awesome!!!

MAJOR KUDOS to Mistress Barney - I saw you everyday in the kitchen doing dishes - doing what needed to be done in the kitchen to make it presentable for the next meal - Your Community Salutes YOU!!!  Thank you as well for your volunteer work with ESD!!

MAJOR Thanks to all our BRC Rangers in our camp - we appreciate your service to the Playa Citizens!!!!

Thanks to Candi Carrell who could not be at Truck UNPACKING but was gracious enough to have 10 PIZZAS delivered at the very moment we were closing the Garage Door - Thank you so

Thanks to Susan & Martin for all things 9 Energies - your camp is such an awesome & welcoming space and those that participate are enlightened by knowledge of their SuperPower.

Thanks to Duncan & Kilted Freedom for all things Twisted Swan - what an awesome thing to have a BAR as part of our camp space.

Thanks to Duncan for his cooking skills on several days - Salmon - Beef and all things Chicken on the grill.

Thanks to John You Bastard for overseeing the RV & Gray Water Servicing

Thanks to Stephanie & crew for putting out an amazing Monday night Dinner spread for those that stayed Monday night.

Special Thanks to Trevor; it was so great to have you back in camp!! I depend on you for a lot on site and you are always there with a smile and of course your community HEART!  Thanks as well to Keira who spends many a hour with her Man busy doing camp stuff!!!

Thanks to Atira, Tanya and crew for the Camp Ice Run and for being The Ice CZARS; heading up daily runs for ice. Thanks for taking over this important duty. MAJOR KUDOS to Max Flynn & Dillon aka The Rookie for making available each day his Ice Taxi which was an AMAZING way for us to be able to transport 50-60 bags of ice at a time.  Thank YOU SO MUCH for coming by each day and helping our Village; we are so very grateful.

Thanks to Mark for making sure we had the multiple Foot Pump/Hand Washing Stations even though he was not on-playa in 2017 - they are awesome!! You Community Thanks YOU!!

MAJOR KUDOS to Trevor & Merlin for assisting with Truck Packing as we broke down camp.  YOU are a ROCK STARS!!!

Thanks to Mark Freihiet for assisting me when the Earth Guardians stopped by for an inspection - you got right in there and helped me did the hole they insisted on near our leaky kitchen sink.

Thanks to all campers that brought clothes and accessories for the clothing exchange - what an awesome space to find new digs to wear and look amazing!!!

Special callout to everyone that assisted in the creation of Trash Can Pizza on Tuesday, Of course to UncleBob for coming up with this crazy idea. Thanks to for everyone that assisted with Trash Can Turkey and a HUGE Thanks to Trevor & Crew for jumping right in and carving up all that turkeys (90lbs of BIRD) while an anxious crowd awaited food…Amazing!!

The most SPECIAL of SPECIAL THANKS is reserved for my Partner & Wife WildChild!!Your love of everything Burning Man, Community, Hard Work, artistic talent and love of people is inspiring. Never let that light dim.

To those that camped elsewhere or who were unable to make BM this year, your spirit was always part of PolyParadise, and know that you were deeply missed & loved in this group.

As each year passes; the journey of BRC & PolyParadise just gets better & better; this only happens because there is so much love and effort from all of you; a love of PolyParadise; a Love of Burning Man and of Community. There are so many people that give of themselves, give without thinking about how long it will take or how heavy something is, so many people that give of themselves!!

Burning Man is a year-round event at our house; we take the contents of our garage out to the desert and create together an amazing, loving space on the hallowed ground of the Black Rock Desert. Thank you ALL for assisting me in creating PolyParadise.


Only 239 days until we Burn again. Each of those days will have thoughts of all you and how good I feel having each of you as my friends and part of my family - Playa Love.

- Camp Daddy
- Benevolent Dictator Village of PolyParadise
- Burning Man Lifer/Geek/Zealot